Nicola Beard

The foot pain specialist


* providing long lasting foot pain relief 
* addressing the cause of your pain
* improving foot function & circulation
* better balance - fall prevention
* feet, core and pelvic floor
* full body approach ...from the feet up

Foot to Glute Solutions for Foot to Glute Pain Relief

Hi I'm Nikki
I help runners, walkers, joggers and jeffers 0ver come pain from their feet to their glutes (inc. lower back) improve their balance and posture by improving their foot & hip function

Unlike other foot health professionals whose approach is to get you in to wearing orthotics, without a plan to get you out of wearing them, my approach stops you needing orthotics  and having to buy trainers for over-pronation, saving you hundreds of £££

My step by step approach focuses on your whole body ...from the feet up, because everything is connected. 
Addressing the cause of the foot pain symptoms and looking at the way your feet function, how your feet and hips work together, lifestyle factors and muscle imbalances.

I can help you achieve pain free feet with long lasting results

I give you practical advice that you can easily implement into your daily life

Simple exercises you can do anywhere, at home or even on the beach 

Sort Your Feet Out.jpg

Sort Your Feet Out

5 Steps to start improving your foot health to reduce foot pain symptoms and balance issues for happier healthier feet

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Balance Barefoot

What is Balance Barefoot?

It is a Flexibility, Strength & Stability Class


How can it help me?

* Improve performance, whether that’s distance or speed or both

* Able to complete training plans without injury

* Beat personal bests

* Recover from runs efficiently

* Attend & complete events without the dreaded DNS or D​NF

Barefoot Training for Runners

Bare Feet

After one session my foot pain feels relieved and I had great advice.  Finally feel like I will be pain free very soon.


Thank you so much

~ Suzanne McM