Hi I'm Nikki
I help runners, walkers, joggers and jeffers 0ver come pain from their feet to their glutes (inc. lower back) improve their balance and posture by improving their foot & hip function

Unlike other foot health professionals whose approach is to get you in to wearing orthotics, without a plan to get you out of wearing them, my approach stops you needing orthotics  and having to buy trainers for over-pronation, saving you hundreds of £££

My step by step approach focuses on your whole body ...from the feet up, because everything is connected.
ddressing the cause of the foot pain symptoms and looking at the way your feet function, how your feet and hips work together, lifestyle factors and muscle imbalances.

I can help you achieve pain free feet with long lasting results

I give you practical advice that you can easily implement into you daily life

Simple exercises you can do anywhere, at home or even
on the beach 

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