Is Your Footwear Deforming Your Feet, Causing Your Knee Pain & Destroying Your Lower Back

Your feet have a lot to answer for, well to be honest - what you have shoved your feet in for decades have a lot to answer for:

* Shoes that deform your toes

* Shoes with stiff soles that restrict natural movement

* Supportive shoes that remove the need for your muscles to do any work

* Arch supports that inhibit normal foot mechanics

* Nearly all shoes having a positive heel that means you are essentially walking downhill all the time.

Shoes That Aren’t Designed For The Human Foot Shape - Your Feet Become Shoe Shaped

These shoes are pointed, and they squish your feet, the toe box isn’t designed for human foot shapes, so your feet become shoe shaped. Your toes are bent into a pointed toe box, and they all have a positive heel which means your body weight is forced into your forefoot, adding additional pressure to your toes both underneath and width ways.

These shoes can and do cause bunions, hammertoes, corns, callouses, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, inter-metatarsal bursitis + more - and non-diagnosed foot pain. They can also lead to knee pain, lower back pain, leaky pelvic floor, ankle pain, poor posture and impact your balance.

The higher the heel the worse the problem becomes, more pressure everywhere. Your posture has to change to accommodate the height of the heel. Your lower back becomes compressed due to the adaptions you have to make for the angle of your foot, you have to walk with your hips forwards, your pelvis in an anterior tilt to act as a counter balance so you don’t fall flat on your face. Leading to back pain, disc issues and neck and shoulder pain too. They impact everything.

You would’t believe that trainers do the same as wearing high heeled shoes would you