Reflexology is a deeply relaxing whole body treatment, that can help your body relax and allow it to heal.  

There are millions of nerve endings in your feet that send signals to your brain, these signals allow the brain to know more about whats going on in your body.

Reflexology can improve your circulation & blood flow, this promotes healing throughout your body and in your feet.

If you haven't tried Reflexology yet - Try it, I think you will be surprised how effective it can be.

To get the best results from your treatments it is recommended to have weekly treatments for 6 weeks, with monthly follow - up treatments to maintain all the benefits of Reflexology.

I specialise in muscles, bones and nerves and whilst I offer a whole body treatment I do focus on musculoskeletal areas to help overcome discomfort.

In addition to reducing foot, knee, neck, shoulder & back pain, I have had amazing results with reducing migraines, cold sores, IBS symptoms and anxiety & improved clients sleep quality

As you can see Reflexology can help many ailments ~ if you are unsure whether Reflexology is for you, book a FREE Telephone Consultation and I am more than happy to discuss the treatment with you.